What Celt Immuno-Care Customers Are Saying

A 90% improvement in her symptoms*

A 60 year old women consulted my office with a shoulder problem and terrible allergies. Clinically this area can be associated with sinus and allergy problems. I did a chiropractic adjustment with a follow up of no changes to her allergies. I then suggested she try Celt Immuno-Care as part of the treatment plan. After 1 week of taking 4 capsules per day she reported a 90% improvement in her symptoms. Bottom line the patient is thrilled.*

Dr R.A. Kelowna, BC

It has turned my life around*

I would highly recommend Celt Immuno-Care for everyone who is struggling with fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia and other related illness. It has turned my life around and given me the opportunity to enjoy the life I was enjoyed. If you are struggling with similar symptoms I would highly recommend this product.*

T.Z. Sask.

It is the highest success rate of any product I have ever used!*

I come across hundreds of new products annually. I was introduced to your Celt Immuno-Care and have used it with some of my clients with serious immune system challenges! All responded not only better than any other products I have tried, but they all felt a difference with-in 1-3 days! It is the highest success rate of any product I have ever used!*

WG-Toronto, Ontario

A noticeable decrease in the size of scalp lesions*

Onset of seborrheic dermatitis was 5 years ago on scalp. Over the past year his condition has worsened, now affecting nose, face and chin. He has been experiencing increased breakouts and finds his condition hard to manage. When presented there were silver, scaly plaques around his crown line, and scattered white pustules on his nose and both cheeks, visible dry skin with some flaking around his earlobes and behind ears. He was put on an eliminating diet, and given oral fish oils and topical aloe gel for the next 2 weeks. There was improvement in his condition during this period. On June 7th Celt Immuno-Care was added to his treatment plan. On June 28th there was a noticeable decrease in the size of scalp lesions, and although it was a bit dry with some flaking, there was no visible scaling on his ears and no visible pustules on his nose.*

Dr C.M. B.Sc N.D.-Toronto, Ontario

A faithful believer*

I really appreciate you sending me Celt Immuno-Care in the mail. I am certainly one of your faithful believers in your product. I am a nurse and work with very sick people every day. I find that if I do feel something coming on it is short lived using Celt Immuno-Care.*

N.P. Kingston, ONT

The relief of pain is quite remarkable*

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for some years and I have used the typical prescriptions, but the results were minimal mainly. While in a health food store the assistant asked me if I would like to try Celt Immuno-Care. I can honestly say the relief of pain is quite remarkable. Walking used to be my worst experience, as I have RA in the knees hips feet hands and wrists. I am now able to walk-not using any aids. I can resume needle work in moderation and even get in and out of buses/cars, and do some household chores. It is truly remarkable. One cannot adequately express pain relief - it is, in part, a feeling of having some joy back in life. The second best part of it all that there is no “adverse reactions” – it being a natural product and safe to use.*


I’ve only been taking Celt Immuno-Care for 5 days and I feel great*

I just wanted to let you know that I have suffered with allergies for years. I have only been taking your supplement for 5 days and cannot explain the difference that I feel. Can you tell me what is in this supplement that makes my allergy symptoms almost non-existent. I have had the flu and a cold for the past 6 months and could not get my feet on the ground when I came across your product. Insomnia was another issue which I think this is helping with.*

T.M. Ontario

I improved rapidly - I was able to get of the drugs*

I want to thank you for recommending Celt Immuno-Care to me. My rheumatologist gave me a prescription and approved me taking Immuno-Care. I improved rapidly. I was able to get of the drugs. I think that Celt Immuno-Care has helped balance my immune system and helped me to fight the RA. I continue to take Celt Immuno-Care.* 

Z.S. Washington

It is the best preventative supplement I have ever taken*

I discovered Celt Immuno-Care at a Canadian Health Food Association trade show in Vancouver. I was selling a flax based supplement through a distributor who also had just listed Celt Immuno-Care. They told me how it really helps people that can’t afford to get sick. I travel a lot attending trade shows across North America and sometimes overseas. Being in planes and conference halls packed with people with colds and flues makes it a challenge to not succumb to these germs and viral infections. As I run my own company, staying home sick is also not an option. I started taking Celt Immuno-Care to support my immune system and I have to say that I have not missed a day of work due to being sick since. Even if I do get run down from all the travel and hours put in, a cold or flu runs through me in hours, not days and weeks. With young children coming home from school with all sorts of germs from their classmates, I put them on Celt Immuno-Care with startling results! Runny noses and coughs reduced dramatically and recovery from flus significantly improved. As you can imagine, I tell everyone about this immune system modulator. My office staff, sales and marketing team have all started on it, simply because they see the results too.*

DB Ottawa, ON

Four days on Celt Immuno-Care and he was sleeping through the night*

My husband’s fibromyalgia has stopped him (and me) from sleeping for the past 6 years!! Four days on Celt Immuno-Care and he was sleeping through the night, now after almost 2 weeks he is a changed person.*

A. Regina, Sask.

Here we are in allergy season and I was not affected at all*

I have been on Celt Immuno-Care for almost 2 years now, and it literally has changed my life. I started off with 3 pills per day, but am now down to one. Here we are in allergy season and I was not affected at all! I have been a sales rep for most of my working years, and I tell you, I would be so honoured to sell this product. I tell everyone I know about it because it is the best product I have ever tried.*

L.D. Kamloops BC

Grateful that there is a natural product to help me*

I have been dealing with chronic fatigue and weakness for the past 6 months. My doctor recommended I take Celt Immuno-Care. While I am still working towards optimum health, I have noticed a marked increase in my energy level and well being while taking Celt Immuno-Care. I am grateful that there is a natural product to help me through this experience and have recommended Immuno-Care to family and friends. Celt Immuno-Care had made a definite difference to me, I am happily off the couch and doing more to take care of my family and lead a more normal life. Thank you Celt Naturals.*


I’ve been taking it for two months and my psoriasis is under control*

I developed psoriasis of the scalp due to Calgary’s harsh weather conditions. I tried using special shampoos, topical oils and ingested more oils in attempt to help the psoriasis. It wasn’t until I took Celt Immuno-Care - 2 capsules per day for one week and then one capsule per day for one month, that my scalp condition started to improve. I’ve been taking it for two months and my psoriasis is under control. I believe Celt Immuno-Care has improved my condition significantly.*

L.F./G.P Chicago, IL

All symptoms disappeared and he remains symptom free*

Patient Anton aged 17, runny nose and itchy eyes, presenting with symptoms of skin allergies and allergy to airborne allergens and dust. He also showed a topical rash when he played sports. Started Celt Immuno-Care at one cap per day and 30 minutes before sports activities such as volleyball. All symptoms disappeared and he remains symptom free.*


I can come down stairs like a normal person*

I just wanted to let you know of the success I have had with Celt Immuno-Care. It was recommended to me by a shiatsu therapist. I have tried numerous natural methods as well as pharmaceutical to control my arthritis. I have joint pains that jump around my body-one day my shoulder the next my hip etc. The pain in my knees is constant. After 5 weeks taking only one Celt Immuno-Care capsule per day, first thing in the morning before breakfast, my pain has dissipated. I can come down stairs like a normal person and have even jumped off some big rocks at the lake. Thank you very much I will tell all my friends to try your terrific product.*

L.B. Canada

On the third day, my symptoms were reduced by 80%*

“Merci infiniment” for sending me your exceptional product Celt Immuno-care. On the third day, my symptoms were reduced by 80%. To day I have back my good energy, I don’t have any pain anymore in my back, no sneezing, no watery eyes or running nose and no headache. I feel myself again. This is wonderful!*

S.- Montreal, Quebec

Your product probably saved my career*

I just wanted to tell you that Celt Immuno-Care probably saved my career! I teach college level and in the winter, with the sneezing and coughing and the closed windows and poor circulation, I was catching five, six colds a year. I was basically sick all winter long. At that point in time I was seriously considering retirement, even though I am only 47 years old and ages away from a challenging pension. My sister suggested your product. Well I have not caught a single cold since then. I have been cold free for three consecutive winters now. Taking that little pill every morning has become an essential part of my routine, in fact I don’t think I would dare face another Canadian winter without it.* 

A.L. Montreal, Quebec

In 10 days she has had a wonderful improvement*

I am writing to thank you with all my heart for giving my mother your wonderful product. She followed your suggestion by taking 2 pills per day for the first week and then continuing with one pill per day. In the short time span of 10 days she has had a wonderful improvement and your supplement is the soul source of change that she made in her life. She is so excited that she wants to tell the world and distribute your product to everyone suffering from fibromyalgia.*

R.M. California

Within a couple of days her hives had completely subsided*

My sister has suffered from ravages of immune dysfunction her entire life. She has suffered from outbreaks of cold sores throughout most of her life and when she was about 10 years old dermatologists were baffled by welt like hives that developed on her face and hands. About a year ago my sister’s condition began to deteriorate and her entire body started breaking out in the same hives she experienced as a child. My sister agreed to try Celt Immuno-Care at a dose of 2 pills a day, one morning one before bed to provide round the clock support. Within a couple of days her hives had completely subsided! After 8 months of supplementation her health had improved greatly and the frequency of her cold sores diminished tremendously.*


L.H.B.-Calgary, Alberta

The itching has decreased and the lesions on the skin are becoming less*

I have suffered from varicose eczema for some years, and the doctors seem to think there is no cure. I have used a variety of prescription creams, medicated bandages, coconut oil, aloe gel at various stages, but none of them have improved the condition. However I decided to try Celt Immuno-Care and I am pleased to say that there has been a significant improvement in the condition. The itching has decreased and the lesions on the skin are becoming less. I would suggest that trials in this area would be useful, as it could eliminate or reduce the use of ointments, (especially steroids which thin the skin long term).*

B.G. U.K.

After one week the rash and pain was gone*

I started to develop a rash on my forehead around the hairline and on my nose. Pain started at the back of my ear. My doctor diagnosed shingles. I discovered that shingles are not life threatening, but can be very painful and last for weeks and possible months. Shingles can be painful for months even years afterwards. I heard about Celt Immuno-Care and decided to try it to support my immune system through this viral attack. I was so excited, after one week the rash and pain was gone. This is quite remarkable as some people suffer with this condition for a much longer period. I recommend Celt Immuno-Care to others.*

EF-Calgary, Alberta

My son’s IGG level is now 6.7*

I have not talked to you since Joshuas last appointment with the specialist. You are aware of his Immune problem, and how in the past it was his IGG level that concerned the doctor the most. Normal being 7 on the scale that have, Joshua has been 3.5. To my gleeful surprise and the surprise of the doctor, his level is now 6.7. How’s that for an Celt Immuno-Care plug.*

B.M.RNCP –Toronto, Ontario

It does what it claims and more*

I am writing to thank you for your excellent product Celt Immuno-Care. It does what it claims and more. While I was undergoing a course of radiation and chemo, I decided to take your product in order to improve my immune system. A side effect of my treatments has been a lymhodema of one of my arms. This summer I was bitten by mosquitoes on the affected arm. None of the bites became infected, and I am sure that was due to the maintenance of my immune system with Immuno-Care. Immuno-Care has enabled me to maintain my health and return to work as a nurse. I noticed that while most of my colleagues went down with seasonal colds and flu, I managed to avoid them. I am so grateful for the friend who recommended Immuno-Care in the first place.*

Elizabeth M. BA Hons RN-Calgary, Alberta

I am ecstatic that it is doing the job it has*

The reason I am writing you today is to let you know something concerning your Celt Immuno-Care product that you may not be aware of. For most of my life, I have had a very serious problem with cystic acne. The results of which are plainly shown by the scars on my face. The condition has been treated with almost every known medical procedure possible. Massive doses of antibiotics, creams and lotions etc. I am happy to say now that I am completely free on my long term problem for the last 5 months as I have regularly taken Celt Immuno-Care. I am ecstatic that it is doing the job it has.*

K.A.-Calgary, Alberta

The results were very encouraging*

Patient male 40 years old suffering from allergies to pets that he owned. Typical runny nose, sore throat and itchy eyes. No help from over the counter drugs. I once again tried him on Celt Immuno-Care and within a short period of time he was symptom free. The results were very encouraging.*

I.A. Clinician-Toronto, Ontario

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